LETTER OF THE DAY: Carers had a great day in London

I took my carers group (Compass Friendly Carers) on a trip to London with The Houses of Parliament included.

Monday, 25th June 2018, 12:12 am
The carers group at the Houses of Parliament

Our group is for people who care for those with mental health problems in Portsmouth (we are family members and friends) although we also welcome ex-carers and those who care for others with different problems in life.

Anyhow, we travelled up to London in St Simon’s (Southsea) Church’s’ mini-bus, with kind Dave the volunteer driver.

We left The Carers Centre early, arrived in London and went to the Houses of Parliament.

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We had a fascinating tour for a couple of hours and then Stephen Morgan our MP and his helpful assistant Julie met us, showed us around the places the public cannot access, and then took us out on the terrace for welcome refreshments.

They were so kind.

Stephen mixed with carers, answered our questions and had photos taken on the terrace.

He treated we carers with much interest and respect – thanks.

After the Houses of Parliament, we went on another little tour (of London sights) and Kevin, one of our carers knows London like the back of his hand, so that was so good seeing all the places with his informative talk.

He then took us to the Union Jack Club where he had booked us in for early dinner – a good opportunity to sit chat, rest and enjoy each other’s company.

This was a lovely day.

Caring for someone is so tiring and sad, particularly when the person has mental health problems, so getting together with like-minded’ people who understand each other’s problems makes life a little easier.

We had a truly wonderful relaxing day.

Thanks to Dave, Kevin and Stephen.

Thelma Turner-Hill

Lightfoot Lawn, Southsea