LETTER OF THE DAY: Housing planning is a failure

With regards to Mick Beale's recent letter, I can assure him that the people of Fareham are not alone in their frustration (They don't listen, Jan 29).

Thursday, 1st February 2018, 12:54 am

Here in Havant, our councillors are busy allocating green fields to builders so that the Local Plan can be implemented and the government’s National Planning Policy Framework of 300,000 houses per year can be realised.

The fact that some of these houses will be built in a strategic gap, for example ‘The Havant Gap’, counts for little.

Also, although good materials and insulation are used, the houses are too close together, too close to the main road, have no realistic parking arrangements and most importantly, have little or no gardens.

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I wonder if any government ministers have ever been to southern Hampshire and seen the appalling mess that is being made in the name of their housing policy?

Do they not realise that more houses bring more people into the area, more traffic and more load on the infrastructure?

And are they too preoccupied with Brexit and in-fighting to sort out the developers’ exploitation of a weak planning system which is skewed against existing residents?

It’s a national disgrace.

Are we supposed to vote for them because they have achieved so many houses where they are not wanted or needed? Or the Conservative councillors who do their bidding?

I don’t think so.

Voted Tory all my life – not this next time.

Alec Matthews

Parkside, Bedhampton