LETTER OF THE DAY: Mr Juncker has a vision for Europe but it deviates from reality

T Gardiner's letter '“ Is what Juncker proposes what all our Remainers hoped for?, Sept 16 '“ has a simple answer; no, it isn't.

Tuesday, 19th September 2017, 11:36 am
Updated Wednesday, 27th September 2017, 12:02 pm
Claude Juncker Picture by SHUTTERSTOCK

Mr Juncker has a vision for Europe but it deviates from reality.

His remarks on other countries joining the euro caused a storm in Germany and had to be clarified by his press officer.

As regards the plans for an EU defence force, the UK and especially leavers like T Gardiner can hardly complain about anything Europe plans to do from now on as we’ve announced our intention to leave the club.

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But this is all a bit of a ‘smoke-and-mirrors look-over-there’ distraction from the terrible job our representatives are doing negotiating our exit from the EU.

All I can see is a government who can’t agree on a position among themselves and the other side looking for someone who appears to be in charge.

Let’s not dwell on how badly things are going or how bad they could get.

I wouldn’t want to be accused of remoaning after all.

One of the positive things I’m doing is part-funding a young man from Northern Ireland (via crowdjustice) who is taking the government to court over the billion pound bung to the DUP.

He’s due in court on October 26.

Chris Moore

Chatsworth Avenue,