LETTER OF THE DAY: New public loos? Well done PCC

Well done to Portsmouth council for recognising the importance and need to provide public toilets at various locations in their area (Public loos set to open at popular city park, Mar 26).

Thursday, 29th March 2018, 1:01 am
NEEDED NOW A Google Maps picture of the public toilets by the Gosport ferry terminal which were closed by Gosport Borough Council last year

The general public and tourists do need to go to toilets at such places as The Hard and Southsea beach areas after travelling by whatever means of transport to the area.

Nobody likes to have to visit the nearest pub or McDonald’s to find a sign ‘for paying customers only‘. Gosport council – please take notice of the need to provide such a basic service to the general public and the importance of how it might affect tourism at places like the ferry gardens.

If you need to charge a fee so be it, or dare I say police the area if necessary to keep undesirables out of them.

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Public toilets have been closed but the demand remains the same as ever before.

David Smith