LETTER OF THE DAY: No bullying over Camber footpath

Interesting to read in the news that Mark Yates, a planning inspector acting on behalf of the environment secretary, has found in favour of the Portsmouth campaigners, with the support of the national open spaces society, to force our local authority to raise an order for a restricted byway, so that local people and visitors can enjoy the sites and sounds of our historic camber (Campaign for right of way around Camber, Mar 4).

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 14th March 2018, 11:30 pm
RIGHT OF WAY? Camber Dock and The Bridge Tavern
Picture: Paul Simpson
RIGHT OF WAY? Camber Dock and The Bridge Tavern Picture: Paul Simpson

Congratulations to Kenneth Bailey and Anna Koor and the team for sticking at it and not allowing the council’s ‘we know best’ attitude to bully them into submission on the flimsy excuse that to grant a public footpath through the area would interfere with the use of the Camber Dock for statutory port duty.

The council has encouraged more residential use of the area, with the demise of the Vosper shipbuilding, and the transfer of the Isle of Wight car ferry to Gunwharf making the Camber area less busy then it used to be, and yet restrict locals from the very area they live in.

It’s a pity that this council has not listened at local forum meetings to people’s concerns.

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John Cass

Twyford Avenue, Portsmouth