LETTER OF THE DAY: Is our housing need being covered up?

There are numerous letters from correspondents to The News, myself included, with regards to throwing light on the housing situation in Portsmouth, notwithstanding the student accommodation-led drive and entrepreneurial investment in areas other than Portsmouth by the city council.

Tuesday, 16th January 2018, 12:28 am

The retort from those in power continues to mask the actual truth, particularly the real jeopardy that the taxpayer of Portsmouth will find themselves in when these very thin walls start crumbling.

However, it is somewhat amazing that the failing Housing Department, operating from the hub, continues to duck any publicity.

Here we have a section that has seen its leader, Owen Buckwell, removed overnight and without a word of explanation.

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A failure, despite in excess of £1m being spent on an all serving ‘systems thinking process’ to maintain fire-rating certificates, inspections and combustible material content usage.

A failure, not only in the above, but to deliver a strategy, as the responsible landlord, of costs of replacing effective panels to high-rise apartments and a working programme that is both acceptable and achievable.

A failure to achieve ‘best value’ and best service for the community of Portsmouth and ever paying taxpayer.

A failure, notwithstanding, total embarrassment, to deliver a refurbishment project at Wilmcote House, which is now some three years (yes three years!) overdue.

There cannot be any other department in the whole of England that can demonstrate such public failure and avoid the spotlight that would readily follow.

The question therefore is, who at Portsmouth City Council is actually shielding the glare?

Dean Kimber

North Shore, Hayling Island