LETTER OF THE DAY: Pyramids revamp is sorely needed

After using the Pyramids Centre which is run by BH Live on behalf of Portsmouth City Council for many years its gradual decline is now approaching shameful.

Wednesday, 28th March 2018, 1:27 am
Updated Wednesday, 28th March 2018, 5:15 pm
The Pyramids Centre Picture submitted by C Arnold, Stubbington

Firstly, there are the ‘Blue & Green flumes’ which are closed and have been for some time.

Then there is the rust that falls from the flume platform and sticks into your foot.

The place is full of rust, dust and grime.

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The doors at the back of the Pyramids leading to the outside, which are visible from the blue snake flume staircase, has sand, dust and grime and there is also a lot of dust and grime visible from the staircase on top of the emergency exit signs showing a lack of care.

From the top of the platform you look down and there’s a ledge covered in dirt and dust and even a dumped yellow lifeguard T-shirt.

Finally in that area there are a couple of panels missing where exposed pipes can be seen.

There are missing tiles throughout the centre, the ladders in and out the pool are loose and wobbly alarmingly when you get in and out of the pool, and many lights throughout the centre pool area and changing room were not working at the time of my visit (March 18).

The showers were a bit grotty – hair, empty shampoo bottles, nappies on the floor – could there not be a bin provided in the shower area?

There was also a lack of hooks in the shower area – seven showers but only three hooks so where can you hang your towels?

In the male changing room one hair dryer wasn’t working and one cubicle had a broken door lock also.

The customer service and welcome by reception staff is very good and the lifeguards were professional; they’re just being let down by the facilities.

As a final note the pool is always lovely and warm which is important.

Please BH Live/the Pyramids and Portsmouth City Council, you really need to raise standards.

The paying public deserve a higher standard and your staff deserve a higher standard of workplace.

Maybe mystery shoppers/visitors are needed to feed back to head office or the council?

C Arnold

Cains Close, Stubbington