LETTER OF THE DAY: Will Penny drop into a food bank?

I was pleased that Penny Mordaunt was able to help collect items at Tesco, North Harbour, for food banks in her constituency (MP offers support for food bank Christmas drive, Dec 4).

Friday, 8th December 2017, 12:00 am

It must have been very satisfying for her to be supporting food banks, which has been the biggest ‘growth industry’ since this government came to power.

Not only have their numbers dramatically increased during that period, so also has the number of families qualifying to become members, and depending on their service.

Now that she has enjoyed the experience of collecting donations, I hope that she will follow it up by helping out at the business end - in an actual food bank.

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This would give her an excellent opportunity to meet with the customers, who would be able to express their gratitude for all that the government has done to bring about this service.

They could also exchange Christmas greetings!

CH Saunders

Carshalton Avenue,