LETTER: Legends come and go, and Glen Campbell is definitely one of them

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I’m saddened to hear of the death of the singer Glen Campbell.

In 1970, my wife and I went to see him at a nightclub in Southend-on-Sea.

There should have been a small orchestra to provide the backing for some of his greatest hits, but because of a dispute with the musicians union, they didn’t appear, with the end result that Glen Campbell and his own little four-piece band were nearly an hour late appearing,while attempts were made to rectify the situation.

We were treated to an evening of great informal entertainment.

Glen conversed freely with the audience, who responded by buying drinks for him and his band.

The word ‘legend’ is often overly used to describe those who entertain, be it from film and television, music or sport.

His hits are widely known, but it shouldn’t be overlooked that he was also a brilliant guitarist, and played on hits by many top artists. Legends come and go, but to me Glen Campbell is one of them and always will be.

Mick Haven