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Congratulations to Iceland (Portchester), lovely Sarah and her gang and all those who made Portchester’s fun day on Saturday such an enjoyable event.

Fabulous to see the community of Portchester coming together and enjoying the carnival spirit, the stalls, the various displays within the shopping precinct, the activities put on by the various community groups and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

It was heartening to see the community meeting up and catching up on the local news and more delightful talking of past tales and yet at the time having a focus on the future.

Portchester shopping precinct does have future because the liveliness of Portchester was on display for all to see.

Yes, of course life will bring challenges which will inevitably deliver change, however, after Saturday I am more convinced than ever, Portchester will adapt to the many challenges tomorrow will bring.

A big thank-you to all volunteers who gave their time in making the event so enjoyable.

Well done to Iceland Portchester and, once again, lovely Sarah and her gang – a job well done which was appreciated by many in our community.

Shaun Cunningham

Shearwater Avenue, Fareham