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I have had a quiet two weeks at my daughter’s home in Dorset.

What a lovely place, so free of traffic, good driving, no traffic jams and friendly people.

Compare that to our surrounding area.

Lots of development which will eventually see about 10,000 new cars and vans on our side roads.

Driving habits are appalling and crime is on the increase.

Yes, I have lived in Portchester for more than 30 years and yes, I live adjacent to the Cranleigh Road development.

One despairs at decisions made by those who represent us and are paid by us – and that includes government planning inspectors.

If I could pick my house up and plonk it in Ferndown/Wimborne I would move tomorrow.

What this area will look like in 10-plus years is not something I try to think about.

Lt Cdr Bob Bloomfield

Quintrel Avenue, Portchester