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A few years ago a certain Irish betting firm used the picture of two elderly and frail women on a zebra crossing – the assumption being that they would not make it safely across.

Well, this crassly insensitive advert it seems may not have been wide of the mark.

Nice (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) has just issued a report suggesting that older people, those with disabilities and parents with prams, may indeed not have enough time to cross the road using pedestrian crossings.

The Nice guidelines also detail other aspects of the built environment which may deter those with mobility problems from getting out and about.

The recommendations they make to facilitate physical activity in local communities and cites like Portsmouth will be incorporated into an ‘Age Friendly Portsmouth’ report which PPA will be publishing shortly.

Any readers who know of examples of unfriendly/dangerous/unsightly features in their locality, please bring them to our attention.

Dr Alan Burnett

Chairman, Portsmouth Pensioners’ Association

Sussex Road, Southsea