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VISION: What the new Dorset County Museum will look like
VISION: What the new Dorset County Museum will look like
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Look and learn, Portsmouth City Council cabinet, on what our near-neighbours in Dorset have accomplished when they had a dream.

‘Our aim is simple – Making Dorset Proud with a world-class contemporary museum and exhibition space, complete with new galleries, learning centre, collections storage, library and visitor facilities including a café and shop.’

Thanks to determination, vision, ambition and local financial support Dorset County Museum has secured a £10m+ grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to revamp the existing Victorian museum and turn it into a world-class venue able to attract visitors come rain or shine throughout the year, while our much-promised World Class Sherlock Holmes/Arthur Conan Doyle attraction/museum is still just a pipe dream awaiting the annual ‘progress’ report full of empty promises.

The current cabinet has not supplied one extra penny towards any plans for a ‘world-class venue’ with the latest idea of a tin box on the seafront which is set to rely on ‘crowdfunding’ and ‘personal donations’ to achieve its target.

Until there is meaningful financing we will never realise the potential that the Richard Lancelyn Green collection was destined to achieve.

Everything that Dorset County Museum, with the financial support of local councils, has achieved only serves to highlight the total lack of meaningful financial support and ambition from Ms Donna Jones and her ‘Cabinet’.

When will they make ‘Portsmouth Proud’

I fear for our current museum which is being shamefully and deliberately neglected to the point of disposal instead of facing a bright new future as home to the ACD/Sherlock Holmes museum.

See http://tomorrowsmuseumfordorset.org/

Mick Johnson

Edgeware Road, Milton