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Plans have been drawn up to improve congestion along the Eastern Corridor, starting at Havant Road, in Farlington, heading along the Eastern Road towards Milton and Southsea seafront.

Portsmouth City Council has been given £550,000 by the Department of Transport to make improvements and increase productivity and the work scope is to ‘update the traffic lights at seven junctions to optimise green lights at different times of the day, improving cycle routes, reviewing safety barriers and railings and improving facilities for bus users.’

What an imaginative approach by PCC as that package of works will reduce the traffic flow by at least zero per cent.

I do not see, for one moment, how reviewing barriers and railings will reduce traffic.

During the winter period the life for a cyclist is not only treacherous but greatly reduced by casual cyclists who will be affected by the weather changes and the likely condition they will be in when they arrive at their place of work.

In the summer period, where we are now ‘seizing the moment of the visitor surge’ are we expecting all the tourists, travellers and festival seekers to arrive by cycle?

If the traffic lights are optimised at different times of the day to speed up the routes, surely all that will be achieved is further bottle-necks in other areas?

In terms of improving the facilities for bus users….you have to a have an active and available bus travel system in the first place.

Remember, it is this council that spent £300,000 on cobbles in Commercial Road, in comparison to this amount of money and the stretch of roads it covers, it shows how much money was actually wasted on that project.

It is this council that has changed the Eastern Road design on numerous occasions – North End and the gateway to the city – all with ill-thought-out ideas.

While it might be an exciting time to be a resident living in Portsmouth and we should be proud and loud, don’t connect any of that with Portsmouth City Council.

Dean Kimber

North Shore, Hayling Island