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I read that an ‘anonymous drone’ has already targeted HMS Queen Elizabeth.

This was when she was still in Scotland.

The drone flew over police boats with police officers pointing at it but that was it.

The drone finally landed on the flight deck and the ‘pilot’ of this drone said it was like a ghost town, no-one around.

A spokesperson said: ‘We take the security of HMS Queen Elizabeth very seriously’.

Obviously not seriously enough.

What a prize for a serious and determined terrorist to get a drone loaded with high-explosive attached. It could have hit one of the helicopters or the Bridge, blown a hole in her side at the waterline, or anything they pleased.

If I was the top ‘honcho’ in the line of command, there would have been sackings, along with a few kicked backsides.

Foreign countries must be laughing their socks off at us. This sort of thing should be made a criminal offence and a very long jail sentence attached.

Ministry of Defence? More like Ministry of Mishaps.

M Garbutt