car theft car crime car thief gv''Shutterstock PPP-170927-111019001
car theft car crime car thief gv''Shutterstock PPP-170927-111019001
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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I hear reported on the BBC News that the Metropolitan Police have issued guidelines to their officers not to respond to low level crime such as burglaries and the like unless the criminal can be identified.

Is this just lazy policing or is it, as they say, to save money?

And what will be the reaction of the insurance companies, as presumably if the police don’t attend there will be no crime number given for any claim for compensation?

Will they just accept a crime number given by PC plod over the phone without any evidence of a burglary ever having taken place? I don’t think so.

Naturally there are fears this will give a green light to petty criminals to commit crime with impunity, but my question is this; will the same Met Police object to people defending their property themselves by deploying neighbourhood vigilantes?

Presumably they are aware that this is what people used to do before we had established police forces to do things by the book and avoid criminals facing on-the-spot justice at the hands of people who weren’t that much bothered about their human rights.

Still, looking on the bright side, the prisons weren’t too full.

T Gardiner

Carisbrooke Road