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The amount of projected housing need (Thousands more homes could be built to tackle housing crisis, October 2) is madness and we are being tricked into a huge political scandal.

The UK population is in decline, yet the propaganda is that more houses are needed to fit a formula based on average house price against average income. So we are building houses that may never be used to force down house values without any consideration to what is being lost.

What sort of community do we want to live in, what value do we place on wildlife, mental health, space and the environment?

We should demand more from those we elect to serve us and our area. Which leaders are brave enough to stand up and say no? Certainly none here in Fareham.

People should be able to afford a home, but developers aren’t interested in building small affordable dwellings. It’s all about profit margins and Tarmacing over the countryside and leaving us to live in the mess.

Where are strong leaders when you need them? All too worried about their jobs. Come on MPs and councillors, do what’s right for your people, not your party!

Mike Townson

Romsey Avenue, Fareham