LETTER OF THE DAY: A good seafront defence solution?

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Before the war we laid a system of reinforced concrete blocks stretching from Eastney beach to the Forts and on again to the Isle of Wight shore, put there as an anti-submarine defence ‘at no use at all now’ just a hazard to leisure boats and swimmers close to the beach.

Possibly more than 200 of these blocks exist being more than 20ft square plus.

I am suggesting we ‘crane them out’ and place them at Clarence Pier and Eastney point etc.

These blocks would make an ideal sea defence because they are on site and the same crane could place them in position.

Costs would be negligible to any other ideas already submitted.

These blocks could be laid in pairs to pylon them in and a concrete walkway on top for fine weather use.

I would think that less than £10m would see this job done. We have firms in Portsmouth waiting.

Come on Portsmouth City Council – wake up.

Nigel Butlin

Via email