LETTER OF THE DAY: Appalling instances of child neglect

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In response to the shocking article concerning children being starved, provided with no clothes to wear other than school uniform and showing physical signs of sickness and deprivation, I would hope that headteachers/teachers have reported these appalling instances of child neglect to the relevant social service departments (Pupil poverty crisis as city children arrive at school frail and hungry (Apr 3).

It is absolutely unforgivable that children in this day and age should be living in such dire circumstances.

We are fortunate in this country to have a welfare system that has cared for me, as a child, and sadly my own family, in times of need in our lives, quite adequately.

Certainly enough to feed and clothe us.

The article even quoted a headteacher as saying education issues are becoming secondary to dealing with financial hardship among pupils .

Oh wait – could it be we are being fed a load of poppycock for political purposes?

Jan Young