LETTER OF THE DAY: Book a sunbed online? You’re having a laugh!

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Is this for real? Book online and pay for your sunbed (Sunbed app creator sets a business trend, Feb 12)?

Daniel Jayne compares it to booking a restaurant, a cinema ticket and an aeroplane ticket, really?

I book a restaurant because I want to eat in the restaurant and then I pay for what I have eaten.

I book a cinema to see the film and I book an aeroplane to take me somewhere. Don’t all of the people?

When I book a hotel I pay for the room and everything else I want.

I admit most of the time I either book 4 or 5-star and if I was faced with a further charge to lie on a sunbed I would not book that hotel.

I also expect any towels placed on sunbeds which are not used within, say an hour, to be removed by the hotel staff or other people like me.

For this chap to say it will become the norm is living in cloud cuckoo land.

Anyway, I quite enjoy watching a chap who placed his towel on a bed along with sometimes another five towels, six beds in total at around 7am only to return at say 11am to find his towels have either disappeared or left in a neat pile somewhere else. Priceless.

‘Book my sunbed’ will never survive unless you’re a mug.

So Thomas Cook has announced that they will provide this facility.

Thanks for the warning – that’s a company I won’t be booking through.

I never used them much anyway and when I did I found them trying too hard to flog their ‘add-ons’.

Steve Sykes

Salisbury Road, Southsea