LETTER OF THE DAY: Brexit - When the other side repeatedly says NO, it’s time to move on

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The present state of the UK’s Brexit negotiations with the EU could be analogous to the England football team resigning from UEFA while wanting to continue to play in internationals but under English rules.

Yes, having your cake and eating it is not an uncommon tactic in any negotiation but when the other side repeatedly says NO, it’s time to move on.

Cries of ‘blackmail’ from the trade minister might make good headlines in flag-waving tabloids but otherwise serve no useful purpose.

The EU’s agenda has been clear from the start and that is simply its own survival.

The UK’s position is fraught by almost half the country wanting to remain – including two of the four nations that constitute the United Kingdom – and several different versions of what Brexit actually looks like.

It’s now more than likely that whatever emerges from the Brussels talks will be substantively worse than our present relationship with the EU.

The 30 per cent devaluation of the pound and slew of banks moving from London to Dublin and Paris is only the start.

Who cares about banks? As they pay huge lumps of tax I suspect most of us.

Talk of free trade deals is massively overblown.

The one signed by the US with Mexico and Canada in 1994 has just been repudiated 
by Donald Trump’s pledge to put America 

Ray Cobbett

Beach Road, Emsworth