LETTER OF THE DAY: Council tax rise? Pity my income hasn’t grown...

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Picture: Shutterstock
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As we all have a new increased forthcoming council tax to face as from April 1, how many of us wonder how many years it will be before the public find ourselves simply unable to make this expected payment?

For example, 25 years ago, in 1993, Hampshire had settled on a budget that would have made its council tax the lowest in England at just under £370 for band D properties.

Fast forward to 2018/19 and the expected cost for band D properties is now to be some £1,450 for the year.

Now, I admit to not having the greatest of memories due to having reached a certain age, but what I do know is that my income has not increased by some 300-400 per cent as the council tax has done.

So, to add to this financial burden, let’s not forget how quick councils are to send out the bailiffs to claim their dues.

The time has come for the general public to fight back.

Martin Clark

Lashly Meadow, Hambledon