LETTER OF THE DAY: Driverless vehicles - good or bad?

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It was recently reported that the government is shortly to give the go ahead for the testing of driverless cars, firstly on a test track, and then if deemed successful on the public highway.

Can one imagine the nightmare scenario of the technology failing in a driverless vehicle and the possible consequences if the technology becomes widely available in a ‘brave new world’ and one vehicle or more suffers a breakdown in the driverless system and the consequences which could result?

While I welcome the development of electric vehicles and the eventual demise of petrol and diesel driven vehicles when the price and distance derived from a single charge makes electric vehicles viable I draw the line at driverless vehicles which, apart from them being almost pointless and the possible eventual end of long distance coach services, they could never in my opinion be made totally safe.

I cannot see the private or professional driver ever being made redundant – and I sincerely hope that will never occur.

It is virtually against human nature not to wish to drive and the independence it gives one.

NJ Anderson

Melrose Close, Milton