LETTER OF THE DAY: Firefighters don’t only save lives...

Picture: Shutterstocvk
Picture: Shutterstocvk
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I have osteo-arthritis in my fingers, especially in my forefinger on my left hand – on which I had my wedding and eternity ring.

The knuckle joint was really swollen so I went to the doctor, as he used to work in A&E and knew how to remove the rings.

But it was too swollen and he couldn’t do it so he suggested going to a jeweller’s to get it cut off.

He very kindly rang a jeweller’s for me, and asked if they would do it for me. They said they used to do it but because of Health & Safety rules they could no longer provide this service, but suggested I contact Cosham Fire Station, who would be able to cut the rings off for me.

We rang them and left our number. We waited all day and they didn’t ring back.

So, the next day we went to Fareham Fire Station where my husband told them of our problem, whereupon, to our amazement, the man said: ‘No problem – would you like us to come to your house?’

Of course we said yes. This was at midday and we arrived home about 12.20pm to the phone ringing.

It was Fareham Fire Station telling us that ‘someone would be with you in two hours.’

Sure enough – the fire engine arrived at 2.20pm and in came a female fire attendant and two lovely young firemen.

The lady had quite a job to do to remove my two rings. It was the worst one she had done, but she did the job efficiently and carefully, taking about 15 minutes.

I was so happy and asked how much do I pay? ‘Nothing’ was the answer – as I pay my taxes.

I was over the moon and gave them some money for the Fire Fighters Charity.

I am so grateful to them – no fuss and no charge.

I want everyone to know that not only do firefighters save lives, they also do this service.

So next time you see a charity event featuring the Fire Service – give generously because it could be you needing their services.

P Bray

Hatherley Crescent, Fareham