LETTER OF THE DAY: ‘High rise’ could curb car use

Manhattan skyline
Manhattan skyline
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There seems to be talk of the future of Portsea Island being dominated by high-rise buildings.

Although the suitability of this might well be disputed, there is no doubt that it could reduce the current misery of cars everywhere and a lack of open space, apart from small back gardens.

During my childhood a large piece of the back garden was occupied by an air raid shelter, but we had only one person in the whole road who had a car.

So that is where we played, although I have to admit that the camber of the road made this quite tricky.

You would be surprised by the height of the camber in those days. From my recollection, it was a distinct arc from one side to the other.

If the policy of ‘high rise’ is accepted, then it could have a major impact on children’s lives, for the better.

But certain ground rules would have to be set down.

My suggestions would be to have sufficient space within the buildings at ground floor and first floor level, for the cars of both tenants and their visitors.

There should be areas within the building for infant play, under the eyes of an adult.

Plus large play areas for children, in the area surrounding the building so that they have plenty of room to run around.

The bicycle should be encouraged by having individual secure bays at ground floor level, which can be clearly seen by members of the public, to maximise security.

I am at a bit of a loss to understand how today’s children manage to play – unless schools have a duty to provide some facilities, at least during the week, if not weekends.

E L Targett

Farthings Gate, Purbrook