LETTER OF THE DAY: Hope I don’t end up in an ‘uncaring’ care home

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Front page of the Daily Mail 21 Sept - ‘Shame of Care Homes That Just Don’t Care – Four Serious Failures Every Day, 100 Care Firms Struck Off in a Year, Frightening Crisis. Four Homes in Ten are not fit for Purpose.’

It is a terrifying read but it is a report that mirrors such reports that appear frequently these days.

I am 86 and so far in good health physically and mentally (I am fortunate).

However, I am now ‘terrified’ that I may have to end up in one of these homes.

In my life I have been scared, as most people have at some time.

I went through the Korean War, The Malay Emergencies and served with the Zambian Army on the Congo Border (and have been married three times) but I was never as scared as the possibility of having to end up in one of these care homes.

I qualify this article by saying that I do realise that there are good and caring homes so maybe if it comes to pass I may be lucky.

Norman Davies

Rosemary Way,