LETTER OF THE DAY: I could have easily dodged the train fare

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I recently made a two-day trip from Portsmouth to Camberley which was over a weekend period.

Upon arriving at Portsmouth & Southsea Station I found that I could walk through the ticket barrier without anything being checked as all the gates we left open and no staff in attendance.

While on the train no-one had their tickets checked.

I changed trains at Guildford and again my ticket was not looked at once.

At Camberley there was no-one in sight and all their ticket barriers were left on the open position.

On the way back exactly the same thing happened, and it was obvious to me that I could have just hopped on a train and done the whole trip without paying a penny.

In fact I wish I had done that considering the fare I paid was expensive.

I am not surprised that the railways are losing money if they can’t even have staff in attendance on a Saturday.

Patricia Smith

Parkstone Avenue, Southsea