LETTER OF THE DAY: It’s great to see South Parade Pier back in action

South Parade Pier''Picture: Loughlan Campbell
South Parade Pier''Picture: Loughlan Campbell
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I would like to add my congratulations to Tommy Ware and his associates for bringing South Parade Pier back to its former glory.

It deserves to be used and loved by the people of Portsmouth.

I would also like to pay tribute to my late boss - Ken Norrish (ex-city architect of Portsmouth).

When the pier was largely destroyed in 1974 during the filming of ‘Tommy’ by Ken Russell, I believe it was at that time owned by Trusthouse Forte, who were asked to produce a design for the rebuilding of the pier.

Their original design which was put forward was fairly dire as I remember it - just a series of boxy buildings where the previously attractive pier stood. Ken Norrish was horrified at these designs and fought to have them rejected, with a request to Trusthouse Forte to at least try and produce something which emulated the look of the original pier.

After some argument etc, this subsequently happened and the pier was rebuilt with a little style about it at least.

This was largely due to the city architect’s department fighting the corner of the city council.

RIP Ken Norrish.

J Bailey

Palmyra Road, Gosport