LETTER OF THE DAY: Labour brought shipbuilding back to Portsmouth

HMS Queen Elizabeth''Picture: Keith Woodland
HMS Queen Elizabeth''Picture: Keith Woodland
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This is an outright lie. Firstly, it was under a Labour Government that shipbuilding was brought back to Portsmouth with the building of the new destroyers and aircraft carriers which resulted in the yard at Vosper Thornycroft in Southampton being moved into Portsmouth Dockyard.

Then, after David Cameron allowed the Scots to hold their Independence Referendum in 2014, it was he in November 2013, who saw that BAe Systems ended shipbuilding in Portsmouth, to help persuade the Scots to vote No to Independence.

It was also under David Cameron’s government that the decision was taken to have the new Royal Auxiliary ships built abroad, Hong Kong I think, work of which some could have also been carried out in Portsmouth.

Clearly, for Donna Jones and the Conservative party, rather than try to persuade the electorate to vote for them with policies that they believe in (probably because they are for the benefit of the few and know that no one would support them), they can only use scare tactics and lies to put the electorate off voting for policies that are for the benefit of the many.

Graham Mitchell

Dover Road, Baffins