LETTER OF THE DAY: Let’s keep Portchester the thriving, wildlife haven it already is

The Magic of Ivy, by Catherine McGuire, ecologist at Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust
The Magic of Ivy, by Catherine McGuire, ecologist at Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust
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It is therefore a complete mystery to me that some commercial ecologists, when considering local development design, seem reluctant to address the merits or absolute necessity to wildlife of this fantastic plant or even investigate it fully for protected species such as bats for example, prior to great swathes of Ivy and flowering and fruiting trees of similar value being indiscriminately felled, such as that which happened at the local Seafield Road site last year.

This is also planned to eventually happen to the ivy at the entrance to the Cranleigh Road site where a myriad of butterflies, bees, bats, and birds have been frequenting and nesting for generations.

After reading this inspirational article I am now looking forward to planting an uplifting, modest, but life-affirming wildlife magnet of an ivy arch in my albeit tiny garden.

This will help the wildlife of Portchester which is increasingly in desperate need of varied habitat, shelter, nectar, and berries (of ‘Mars Bar’-sized calorific content I learn!) if they are ever going to thrive.

I intend to be planting as mature as I can get, along with a miniature species of English Oak, in order to attract and provide a mini ecosystem and life-saving resource for the wildlife of Portchester, because by the time it is fruiting, all of Portchester could well be concreted over at this rate.

So go on, give nature a helping hand and plant an ivy arch, a handsome living panel, or a hedge if you can, and feel proud that at least you have done your little bit to help those increasingly less fortunate than yourselves.

It will also help address the balance to keep Portchester the thriving, bustling, oxygen giving, wildlife haven that it so desperately needs to remain as, before it is forced to leave us all for good.

Mel Hefford

Cranleigh Road, Portchester