LETTER OF THE DAY: Ouch! Far too many TV charity ads

AGHHH! Another one of those awful charity ads...
AGHHH! Another one of those awful charity ads...
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As a regular viewer of TV I cannot help but become somewhat annoyed when certain adverts appear on the screen.

The adverts that I refer to are all to do with charity.

I tend to call them ‘begging blogs’ and every evening, I – as well as millions of other viewers – have to suffer these blogs.

Please believe me when I say that I do tend to tip coins into a charity box, especially at this time of year BUT to be asked for £26.08 from one particular charity then £15 from another and £10 from another, it all becomes too much.

Let’s not forget the price of these adverts too.

While on the subject of these begging charities, have you noticed how much paperwork etc has dropped through your letter box this year?

This is not a matter of Bah! Humbug but one of sincere pleading to all charities– please spend the money that has been donated on the principal reasons and NOT endless advertising.

Martin Clark

Lashly Meadow,