Letter of the Day: Our Victoria Park is slowly disappearing

Victoria Park in days gone by
Victoria Park in days gone by
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Here’s our letter of the day from Roger Young, of Trampers Lane North, Boarhunt:

Some weeks ago I read in The News that the former Zurich building adjacent to Portsmouth’s Victoria Park is to be converted into student accommodation.

As many of your readers will know, Victoria swimming pool was demolished and it was proposed that a 30-floor building for students was to be erected on the old pool site.

The builders wanted to use part of the park to store materials.

This was allowed, so an area of the park was flattened and is now fenced off. When demolishing the pool, the public toilets in the park were also lost.

If you look back over the years, Victoria Park is slowly getting smaller.

Its history is very interesting.

Leased from the war office in 1875, the park was opened in 1878.

In the 1930s part of the park was given over to building Victoria Pool.

The pool was actually finished after the Second World War and toilets were incorporated on the park side – now demolished and not replaced.

When the Zurich insurance company moved, I e-mailed the council architects’ department and suggested that it would be an opportunity to make an entrance opposite Commercial Road and incorporate a cafe and toilets.

The reason nothing has been done, as far as I know, is probably due to the reduction in government money allocated to the council.

However, once the council finds itself in a better financial position I do believe that a cafe and toilets in the park should be a priority.

Here’s hoping that the residents of Portsmouth feel the same.

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