LETTER OF THE DAY: Parking permits - daylight robbery?

Parking problems at Gladstone  Street EMN-170708-170607009
Parking problems at Gladstone Street EMN-170708-170607009
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We cannot believe what we are reading about permit parking – the prices are nothing short of daylight robbery

Councils do nothing to solve the problem of parking all they can think to do is keep raising the price.

As a motorist we already pay a fortune tax, insurance, running cost plus buying the vehicle, for most people essential to get to work, and then you have a council pulling numbers out of the air. Maybe their answer to the parking problem is to make it so expensive that nobody can afford a car?

Every time the council allows yet more and more properties to be converted to multiple occupancy or allowing blocks of flats to be built without parking spaces, the problem gets worse!

Ian Cleugh & Elaine Willoughby

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