LETTER OF THE DAY: Police cash-cow

Inside a police mobile speed camera unit
Inside a police mobile speed camera unit
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Recently, Hampshire Constabulary has been using a mobile speed camera unit on the, relatively short, northbound section of the A2047 London Road, in Hilsea.

This is the section before the 50mph limit on Hilsea roundabout.

Yes, I was caught doing 37mph on a section of dual carriageway, approaching a 50mph limit, in a non-residential area, with two footbridges.

Maybe I should have been watching out for the mobile unit, rather than blending in with the surrounding traffic.

The thing that really gets me is that I live in Mayfield Road, which has a 20mph limit.

Only a few drivers obey the speed limit, with many doing at least twice the limit.

This is in a heavily-populated residential area, with a park and school nearby.

There are also quite regular accidents, due to speeding and distraction.

The aftermath of these accidents, such as cars on their roofs and demolished garden walls, clearly show that one of both cars were exceeding 20mph by a significant amount.

It’s only a matter of good fortune that no vehicle occupants or pedestrians have been seriously injured.

Why do Hampshire Constabulary think it is right to regularly patrol, what is not a dangerous section of road in Hilsea, in favour of patrolling our residential rat runs?

If I had to guess, I would say that the short section of the outbound A2047 is an easy to patrol cash cow.

Graham Haynes

Mayfield Road, Portsmouth