LETTER OF THE DAY: Royal wedding? Aghhhhh!

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle
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Here we go again,the country is in crisis,we have more homeless than ever before, even more cuts to services,armed forces, police etc and further years of austerity to look forward to and what do they do to keep the peasants happy,or so they think, they announce a royal wedding.

They do it every time with either a wedding or a birth you cant tell me its not orchestrated.

Far from making me happy it makes me fume that every royal will be rolled out suited and booted,money no problem and unlimited funds available while the rest of us suffer in one way or another.

Please do not get me wrong I am not anti royals in fact I think the Queen and Prince Philip have served us well and deserve our gratitude,and I like Prince Harry and wish him and his forthcoming bride well.

What I do object to is all the hangers-on in the royal household who do little or nothing and are kept in luxury at our expense –Princess Eugenie and Beatrice spring to mind with many more to follow.

I think a complete overhaul of the royal family is long overdue.

We should fully support the reigning Queen or King and the first and second persons in line for the throne but it should stop there,and the rest of them should earn a living and support themselves until such time they, if ever, move to the position of sovereign, or first or second in line.

I think that at the moment we, Joe Public, are treated as fools and this has got to stop.

I despair when I hear people say ‘Oh a royal wedding. How lovely. It will give us something to look forward to.’ I say to them take a step back think outside the box, go and look at people sleeping rough, see the families living below the poverty line and then tell me we can afford this farce.

I would admire the wedding couple if they just went to a registry office got married on the quiet and then made the announcement.

Job done. Cost? Next to nothing.

RH Abberley

Sapphire Close, Gosport