LETTER OF THE DAY: Tipner for first-class shopping centre?

Commercial Road ''Picture: Jonathan Brady
Commercial Road ''Picture: Jonathan Brady
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Patricia Smith’s letter (December 12) is another sad appeal to the council to try to resurrect Commercial Road as a decent shopping centre.

But it is a total waste of time and money building new roads for £60m to try to revive it.

The council doesn’t own the property so improvements are out of its hands and economically it is a dying centre in this day and age.

The modern demand is for very large ‘destination’ shopping centres where people go for a day out, where families can spend leisure time as well as buying food for dinner.

There is obvious capacity for a brand new, state-of-the-art centre at Tipner west, just off the motorway, which could serve the tens of thousands of new homes which are now being built along the M27 corridor.

To keep pouring taxpayers’ money into the city centre hoping that Commercial Road will regenerate is so unintelligent; based only on sentiment, not economic reality.

Jerry Bamforth

Sennen Place, Port Solent