LETTER OF THE DAY: We Korean War vets are forgotten yet again

The Korean War memorial in South Korea
The Korean War memorial in South Korea
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Each year I watch the Festival of Remembrance from the Royal Albert Hall and the ceremony at the Cenotaph.

I am absolutely fuming.

Again, as in the past two years, no mention was made of the Korean War.

No tributes were paid to the 1,078 dead in that terrible conflict that lasted three years in conditions equal to that of the First World War – not to mention the 2,674 wounded and 1,060 POWs. It is an insult.

Is it because the government and powers-that-be feel it would be ‘politically incorrect’ as the enemy was China (who we must not upset at this time) as well as North Korea?

I cannot believe that tributes were deliberately left out (however, this year as last year our hero Bill Speakman VC was given pride of place and air time, and so he should).

I, with my wife attended the Remembrance Ceremony at the War Memorial in Horndean which was very well attended and moving.

Tributes were paid to those involved in Iraq, Afghanistan etc but again, we Korean vets were bypassed and ignored.

However, with charity and imagination I believe we might have been included in a phrase in the Sermon read out by a minister, quote: ‘Let us not forget those who died........in relatively minor skirmishes.’

Our war was in 1950 to 1953 and we had hardly recovered from the Second World War.

National Servicemen, regulars, men still on reserve from the Second World War had no choice.

We were sent and fought over those dreadful years which prevented World War Three. (Yes it did!).

I do not detract from the deaths and suffering incurred by our armed forces and families in other conflicts.

That is left to those who were involved and I am sure they would feel as we Korean War vets feel if treated in the same way.

This email is on behalf of myself and the BKVA Wessex Branch.

Norman Davies

Rosemary Way, Horndean