Letter of the Day: Why have lifebelts not been replaced?

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Despite the approaches to the life stations along the Harbour Path and around the Milton Lakes being regularly mown, none of the rings have been replaced.

These have been missing for several years.

I assume Portsmouth City Council has a duty to replace these.

In the past these stations were constantly vandalised and the rings thrown into the lakes.

It was a time-consuming task to retrieve the rings and reinstall them.

Although this has been drawn to the attention of those who are employed by PCC, the stations remain empty and ignored.

Those stations at the side of Frog Lake (and Swan Lake) are now separated from the water’s edge by dense brambles and would need to be relocated if PCC were to take its responsibilities seriously.

Obviously PCC do not exercise a health & safety policy at the Milton edge of Langstone Harbour.

Lorna Wilkinson

Lapwing Road, Milton