Lib Dems block ex-Gosport councillor from receiving town honour

THERE was major controversy at a Gosport Borough Council meeting earlier this week, after Liberal Democrats blocked a motion to make a former council member an honorary alderman of the borough.

Friday, 27th July 2018, 5:09 pm
Updated Friday, 27th July 2018, 5:12 pm

Ex-Conservative councillor Richard Dickson was denied the title of honorary alderman, after councillors blocked the motion because they '˜weren't consulted'.

Mr Dickson needed two thirds of councillors to vote in approval '“ but following the local elections earlier this year, the Liberal Democrats had enough manpower to stop it.

But despite voting to prevent him from becoming an honorary alderman, the party still voted in favour of making former Labour councillor Dennis Wright an honorary freeman.

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The Lib Dem leaders says it is nothing personal against Mr Dickson and is a reminder to the Conservatives that they must be consulted on matters '“ but leader of the council, Cllr Mark Hook, says that this was the wrong moment for this.

Cllr Hook said: '˜There is a time and a place for this sort of thing '“ and this was neither of those.

'˜It's incredibly two-faced of him and the 13 sheep that follow him everywhere he goes are also responsible for this.

'˜I put forward the motions for both Richard Dickson and Dennis Wright; he also asked for a working group to be set up and I agreed on that '“ there was no reason to do this other than to play politics.'

Cllr Chegwyn said: '˜It's nothing against Richard Dickson, but if Cllr Hook wants an agreement then he needs to consult us.

'˜At the moment it seems like a lot of ex-Conservatives get put up for nomination '“ Cllr Hook can no longer run the council without consulting anyone.

'˜Times have changed and I think it is he who is playing politics again.'

Richard Dickson said: 'I am very disappointed but I'm not embarrassed '“ the Lib Dems should be though, because this is a position that has never been politicised before.

'˜This was a show of power from them and I just happened to be caught up in the middle.

'˜I just hope that this doesn't set any sort of precedent for the future.'