Lifeboat crew scrambled after medical emergency on board yacht

File picture of the Gosport independent lifeboat
File picture of the Gosport independent lifeboat
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Rescuers were called to the waters off Haslar today after a medical emergency on board a yacht.

The Gosport and Fareham Inshore Rescue service was paged by the coastguard earlier after the yacht’s crew reported an 88-year-old man on board was unconscious and possibly suffering from a heart condition.

The duty lifeboat crew, who carry a defibrillator and oxygen for such emergencies, were immediately called and were on scene within eight minutes.

On arrival one of the crew went on board the yacht, by which time the man had regained consciousness.

Oxygen therapy and first aid was given by the lifeboat crew.

The yacht was taken to the Camber docks in Portsmouth where a waiting ambulance carried the man to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham.