Lifeboat crews team up to rescue stricken fishing boat

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THE value of having two well-equipped lifeboat stations was demonstrated when a commercial fishing boat was in danger of sinking.

Portsmouth and Hayling Island RNLI joined forces to rescue the Horizon, which was in danger of going under in Hayling Bay during windy conditions.

Alan Bartlett, from Hayling RNLI, said: ‘The fishing boat, based in Portsmouth, had finished its day’s work and turned for home, but that meant going into the wind and wave action.

‘On the foredeck of the catamaran there was a large black plastic tank and a big wave broke over the bow of the vessel filling this tank, which meant the boat went down at the bow and immediately more waves started breaking over into the boat and flooded the deck.

‘The skipper wisely turned the boat around so she was running with the waves and the wind but in doing so exposed a lower section of the starboard side of the boat to the waves which broke into the boat and started to flood the hull.’

As the vessel travelled towards Chichester Harbour both the lifeboats, together with a coastguard helicopter, escorted the boat back to Sparkes Marina on Hayling.

Two salvage pumps were used to pump out seawater following the incident on February 23.

Jonathan Bradbury, operations manager at Hayling, said ‘This was a well co-ordinated rescue which shows the value of the training Portsmouth and Hayling do together.’