Lifeboat scrambled three times to help out yachts

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LIFEBOAT crews helped three yachts over the weekend.

The Gosport Independent Lifeboat operated by the Gosport and Fareham Inshore Rescue Service was first scrambled shortly after 2pm on Saturday.

Yesterday at 5pm, a Bavaria yacht reported it had suffered a mechanical failure.

The yacht was taken in tow to Portsmouth Harbour.

People on a yacht contacted Solent coastguard after smoke started to fill its cabin space near the engine compartment.

The yacht reported that it was opposite HMS Illustrious and near to Gosport Premier Marina.

The lifeboat arrived in 10 minutes and revealed oil from a major leak had come into contact with the hot inboard diesel engine. The Gosport Lifeboat took the yacht undertow for Gosport Marina.

The service was called again at 4pm on the slipway at Stokes Bay.

A 28 foot yacht reported it had suffered catastrophic engine failure and needed immediate assistance.

The yacht was towed to Trinity Landings in Cowes.