'Lifeline' laptop stolen by burglar

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A CANCER patient has spoken of her anger and disgust after burglars broke in to her home while she was away for Christmas.

Carol Brett discovered her home had been raided when she returned from visiting her daughter.

Some of the presents she left under her Christmas tree had been taken.

The thief also stole her laptop, which she described as her 'lifeline' - during the Boxing Day raid.

Mrs Brett, of Lyndhurst Road, in North End, Portsmouth, said: 'Me and my husband Barry came back at about 6.30pm - we had been in Somerset at our daughter's.

'When we first walked into the house we didn't notice anything. Then I suddenly realised my laptop was gone.

'I'm a bit agoraphobic and have panic attacks because of the chemotherapy I'm having.

'The laptop has been my lifeline to the outside world. It's how I keep in touch with all of my family. Once I realised that was gone I looked around and saw some of the presents that were underneath the tree were gone too.

'It was the worst feeling in the world -we just felt invaded.

'Knowing that someone has come into our home is a horrible feeling.

'We don't need this with everything else we've been going through.'

Mrs Brett, 63, is having treatment for breast cancer which has caused her hair to fall out. Her loss of confidence means she does not like leaving the house and uses the Hewlett Packard laptop, which is worth around 500 new, to keep in touch with family and friends.

There was a gap of three hours between 3.30pm and 6.30pm on Boxing Day after her son-in-law went in to feed the cat and noticed nothing amiss.

Mrs Brett and her 65-year-old husband believe about 90 in gifts were stolen.

Police believe they have found a good set of fingerprints at the scene.

PC Sean Dixon said: 'It looks like they got in through the back of the house and forced the back patio doors.

'We would like to hear from anyone who saw any suspicious behaviour.' Call PC Dixon on 101.