Lighting up your bike could help save a life

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More than 200 cyclists have visited roadshows aimed at promoting bike safety during the dark mornings and evenings.

Chichester District Council organised the events at The Cross, in Chichester, and a cycle path near Chichester College and Westgate Leisure Centre.

Cyclists were reminded of the need to have working bike lights and to wear reflective or bright clothing.

Police community support officers advised cyclists about the law and bike lights.

The law requires bikes to have a front and rear light, plus a rear reflector and pedal reflectors when it is dark. Failure to comply can result in a fine 30.

Councillor Heather Caird, who is in charge of health at Chichester District Council, said: 'Almost half of all cyclists spoken to had no lights or reflectors.

'Many had lights that did not work. These two events were staged for a minimal cost, but could save tens of thousands of pounds in emergency and medical costs following an accident.'