Linvoy strikes it lucky!

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POMPEY hero Linvoy Primus leaves onlookers bowled over in a video that has become an internet hit.

The club’s legendary defender appears in an 11-second video on video site YouTube.

LUCKY STRIKE Linvoy bowls a blinder

LUCKY STRIKE Linvoy bowls a blinder

The clip shows him bowling a ball and, certain that he will knock down all 10 pins to get a ‘strike’, turning away from the camera.

He says ‘check this out’ before bowling his speculative shot.

Confidently, he walks away from the lane as the ball tumbles towards the pins and says ‘I’m not looking’.

The video shows Linvoy still looking at the camera as the ball crashes into the pins, securing the Pompey ambassador a sweet strike. He was taking part in nPower’s Star Where You Are day at Bowlplex in Gunwharf Quays.

The video has attracted nearly 8,000 views since it was uploaded on January 12.

User holmesdalematt wrote on YouTube: ‘Superb defender. Superb bowler!’

Linvoy arrived at Fratton Park on a free transfer in July 2000 and retired in 2009.