Lisa will tackle her fear of heights in abseil

CHALLENGE Lisa Baldock with her dog Inca. Picture: Malcolm Wells (131214-0402)
CHALLENGE Lisa Baldock with her dog Inca. Picture: Malcolm Wells (131214-0402)
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DESPITE having a fear of heights, Lisa Baldock will be taking part in an abseil to raise money for a deaf charity.

The 37-year-old of Fratton said a hearing dog has changed her life.

And now she wants to do something to show her appreciation.

She said: ‘I’m profoundly deaf, it was congenital from birth.

‘But about six years ago my hearing deteriorated further. I developed anxiety and depression and became isolated.

‘I also suffered with vestibular condition, which gives me very dizzy migraines and can be very debilitating.

‘I had a cochlear implant to help me two years ago.’

But then Lisa, a civil servant, decided she wanted to apply for a hearing dog.

She said: ‘I applied for a hearing dog through Hearing Dogs for Deaf People charity because a friend had one.

‘After four-and-a-half year wait, I was then was matched with Inca – a black Labrador cross retriever.

‘She’s changed my life. It’s hard not being able to hear what’s around me.

‘It’s hard because deafness is hidden, but Inca she helps me with that.

‘People see her coat and realise I’m deaf.

‘She alerts me to sounds and helps me with fire alarm danger sounds, and helps me make friends too.

‘She gets me out of isolation and also helps me when I’m feeling low. She’s incredibly soppy, everyone loves her at work, and she has really changed my life.’

To say thank you to the charity, Lisa has decided to abseil down the Spinnaker Tower, in Gunwharf Quays on May 26.

‘I’m terrified and scared of heights,’ added Lisa. ‘I have a vertigo condition too, but it’s a challenge.

‘The waiting list is so long – on average four to five years – plus it costs £45,000 to train each dog.

‘I want to give something back. And crazy me has encouraged nine other friends and colleagues to do it.’

The hearing charity will also have a stall to provide more information about its services.

A raffle will also take place, to donate items, email

To sponsor Lisa, go to