Litter at beauty spot claims life of diving bird

Scot Mackenzie

Family’s urgent plea to find missing loved one

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THE dangers of marine litter have been highlighted following the death of a bird in Chichester Harbour.

A black-throated diver was found tangled in litter.

The bird, which spends its winters on the open seas, was discovered by patrol officers for the harbour.

A net bag, like the ones used for logs, was tangled around its wing.

Unable to fly, the bird had died and was found near the entrance to the Bosham Channel.

Ed Rowsell, conservation officer for Chichester Harbour Conservancy, said: ‘It’s distressing to see a wild seabird’s life ended in this way.

‘Due to the off-shore habits of this species, this bird is probably just one of many lost due to marine litter.

‘It’s up to all of us to be very careful about disposing of litter responsibly.’

Last year, 188 bags of marine litter were collected from the harbour’s shoreline. Friends of Chichester Harbour help to collect the litter.

Any sightings of birds in distress should be reported to the RSPCA or Brent Lodge Bird and Wildlife Trust.