Litter fines of more than £11,000 issued

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MORE than 150 fines have been handed out since a council took on a private firm to clean up its streets.

East Hampshire District Council is the second local authority to contract outside enforcement officers to give out fines for dropping litter.

Since May 18, more than 150 fines were issued.

Thousands have been issued by contractors Kingdom to Havant residents who have been caught discarding their rubbish on the streets.

Natalie Meagher, East Hampshire’s manager for environmental quality, will speak about the issues at a public forum at Penns Place, Petersfield on July 30.

She said tens of thousands of pounds are spent clearing up rubbish.

She added: ‘Our enforcement campaign has been launched as a way of discouraging people from dropping litter. It is our way of drawing a line in the sand.

‘If no-one drops any litter then no fines will be issued. But people should know that if they are caught even dropping a cigarette butt, then they will face a fine of £75.

‘The campaign has attracted a lot of interest from residents and the media so this meeting will be the perfect opportunity for people to find out more about the scheme and ask any questions.’