Littering won’t stop until we all view it as unacceptable

TIDY Litteraction and HMS Sultan during a clean up
TIDY Litteraction and HMS Sultan during a clean up

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In our ‘throw away’ society, some people drop their litter on the ground even though a bin might be only inches away.

I joined the Lee-on-the-Solent Litteraction group to help remedy this situation and work towards an environment that we can all be proud of. When I see how clean other countries are it almost makes me feel ashamed of our streets.

I personally look after Cherque Park, the children’s playground and surrounding roads.

I realise it’s an endless task as every citizen needs to be morally responsible. Sadly not all children appear to be taught this important lesson.

Gosport Borough Council is brilliant with the amount of bins – if there weren’t enough then fair enough.

But it’s sometimes literally within inches of a bin.

Until littering is deemed socially unacceptable by the mass population, we will always need volunteers to help keep our roads, open spaces and beaches clean and fight the litter louts – we welcome any help offered.

It’s also people’s perception and teaching children the right way. My grandchildren wouldn’t dream of just chucking rubbish on the ground. A few months ago, I was litter picking in the skate park on the sea front and a lad opened a chocolate bar and literally threw his wrapper down.

I said ‘excuse me, how do you think that wrapper there will get into the bin over there?’ – it was about 10 yards away. To his credit he picked it up and put it in the bin.

We try to regularly keep the place clean, you feel like you’re making a contribution, that’s the important thing.

But it’s very difficult to make inroads with some people.