Local choir make a song for D-Day CD

I was browsing through The News when I read about the D-Day Museum's plans to raise money with a new piece of music (Heroes Tide), plus a CD involving local choirs and schools.

Tuesday, 8th March 2016, 6:11 pm
Updated Tuesday, 8th March 2016, 6:11 pm

I contacted the organiser, Linda Taylor, and to my surprise found that there was still a chance to take part – even though it was happening in three weeks.

So, the choir I am proud to be a part of, Quay of Sea Voices (as run by Simon Long of Fine Voice Academy) became involved.

Because of the short notice, we were unable to get together to rehearse and learn the new piece and do it justice.

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However, with the amazing co-operation and help of Linda, we were able to provide a track for the CD, ‘D-Day Dodgers’.

It’s a song about those fighting and dying in Italy at the same time as D-Day was taking place.

It’s also a song very close to Simon because his grandfather, John Dorey of the 8th Army – still hale and hearty today – fought there.

The whole project came with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and a grant of just over £4m to the D-Day Museum Trust – excellent news for the museum. 

The project will help to bridge the gap in funding of £170,000, alongside other fundraising projects both large and small. 

The aim is for Heroes’ Tide to raise between £3,500 and £5,000 – hopefully more if the downloading does well.

For our choir it has been a marvellous experience, Simon showed a great deal of patience and demonstrated a great deal of expertise when it came to putting together our track (number 7 on the CD).

To hear it played is both scary and exciting, to be mentioned in the gatefold is something that doesn’t happen to normal people.

It’s also true what they say, you can pick out your own voice among the others, which is really unnerving.

But for all the fun and delight for us, and the massive effort made by Linda and the others, this is really about remembering all those who took part in D-Day and helping to keep their stories alive.

n The CD is available for £7.99, or 79p per track on iTunes.

It’s also available by post from the D-Day Museum or from Portsmouth libraries and other museums.